Unleashing Your Inner Artist Has Never Been This Easy

The Design Robot is designed as a tool to unlock your creative expression.  Create something unique and express yourself through the world’s most creative t-shirt.

Creativity At Your Fingertips

The Design Robot was crafted to allow you to simply snap a picture with your iPhone and create a full color awesome fitting t-shirt (no minimums).  Snap a pic of some art you drew, a landmark, your favorite moment, anything… modify it in the app… and order.  Unleash your inner artist!

Clean Design

I really wanted the design to get out of the way in this project.  The focus should be on the art the user is creating and not on the interface.  After multiple iterations and fits of rage, I managed to tear out the pieces that didn’t add to the design but left everything that was vital to the user experience.

This app is dead simple to navigate and takes users less than 2 minutes to create a fully custom shirt and checkout.  Every step is beautifully simple and has a specific purpose.  This is one of my favorite projects of all time.

Effects Like It Ain’t No Thang

Filters and effects are all the rage these days so of course we had to let users run wild with these same features in the app.  Users can choose from a vast array of treatments that will take their already awesome creations to the next level.  You can even buy additional filters if you want the pro stuff.

The Design Robot

Design. Share. Wear